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Oil and Gas Pipeline Corrosion Protection Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems
Polypropylene Pipeline Coatings Water Pipelines
Offshore Pipeline Corrosion Protection

Aqua-Shield™ Canusa SuperStop (CSS-2) Pipeline Repair Products (PRP-PP)
Aqua-Shield™ - AQW-FF GTS-65 Primers (E)
Aqua-Shield™ - AQW-FPK GTS-80 Primers (G)
Canusa End Cap (CEC) GTS-HT Primers (P)
Canusa Foam Seal GTS-PP Primers (S)
Canusa Tubular Stops (PLX) HBE-95 Brush Grade Superseal
CanusaCoat Pipeline Sealants HBE-95 Spray Grade TBK Directional Drilling Kit
CanusaTube™ (PLA) HBE-HT Wrapid Sleeve™
CanusaWrap™ HBE-FE WrapidSeal™
Canusa SuperCase (CSC) High Shrink Sleeves Wrapid Tape™
Canusa SuperCase (CSC-X) INR-95  
Canusa Snap Fit (CSF/CSK) MIS-65 & MIS-100  
Canusa SuperStop (CSS) Pipeline Repair Products (PRP)  

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