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Our product line has been evolving over the past 4 decades to offer supreme rehab materials, procedures, and classroom certifications. (NRI) VIPER SKIN is the first biaxial, hybrid carbon and glass fiber polyurethane prepreg system. It has unsurpassed strength and stiffness of carbon with the ease of use of a moisture-cured prepreg. This Carbon fiber reinforcement composite system uses a factory controlled wet-out process; as a result, nearly perfect resin content and maximum, repeatable strength properties are attainable. The time and cost associated with field wetting of the composite is removed from the equation altogether and the moisture-curing properties allow for underwater and wet environment application. Contact us for data sheets and a list of companies using the new system. 

Product Video Tutorials 
Installation Guide
Canusa K-60 Wrap

Watch this detailed product video on Canusa's K-60 Wrap and rapid coat XL. 

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